Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson

I liked the story which could be described as a simple ‘parable’ about dealing with change. I like the fact that it was short easy read which could easily be read in an afternoon. I choose instead to take 2 or 3 days over the book, reading short bits in the sunshine during lunch or out in the evening along the esplanade at Mooloolaba, (while enjoying my son busking).

Scurry and Sniff, (two mice) and Hem and Haw, (two ‘littlepeople’) live happily in a maze and deal with change quite differently from one another.

I’m unsure whether I like or dislike the dumbed down explanations at both the beginning and end of the book where Spencer Johnson uses a friends reunion and the conversations which follow to explain personality traits in each of the four characters Hem, Haw, Scurry and Sniff.

Reading the book over a few days gave me plenty of time to think about the different character situations and on past working experience as well the many characters types I’ve worked with over the years.




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